Why Just Diagnosed?    

" Just Diagnosed is my story come to life and I would love to share my story.

My reasons for creating this, what it means to me and most importantly  what I hope you will find now that we are connected."

               ... Sue Whittaker,Founder 



My story begins when my life as I knew it changed. 

It was 2017 and I was "just diagnosed' with stage 3 aggressive Breast Cancer that had spread. 

​My concerns were more than just me - my family, who would be there? 

What were my treatment options and who can help me understand and guide me to make the best decisions?

I came to the realisation very quickly that there was a lack of readily available information available to help newly diagnosed patients.

I went through my surgeries and treatment and along the way collated so much information. I had a dream to help other patients with a very easy to use information service that has now turned into a very user friendly app and a new incredible Website.

I will continue to share my increasing awareness and knowledge in the hope that others will now be able to find valuable and helpful information easily. I am committed to updating these sites and working with our volunteer team to provide as much support for our community as we are able.

You now have an understanding of why I am dedicated to sharing my experiences and knowledge and why I am committed to "Just Diagnosed" 



I am Sue Whittaker and I am a survivor!

Sue's story


What is your story?


We would love to hear it and maybe by contacting us to share your story you can be an inspiration to others who are "just diagnosed" -