The know-how you need step by step is here  

Steps after diagnosis 

You are just diagnosed and your referral has been sent to the hospital for your first appointment and you are probably feeling overwhelmed and confused. 

What now? 

Take a deep breath and ...

remember from here on there are people and resources to guide and support you such as your breast care nurse. 

The vision of the McGrath Foundation is to ensure that everyone going through breast cancer has access to a Breast Care Nurse from the time of diagnosis and ongoing right throughout your treatment period. 

Private or Public Patient ....

Access to the services of the McGrath Foundation is available at no cost to anyone experiencing breast cancer whether private or public. 

McGrath Nurses provide physical, psychological and emotional support absolutely free - thanks to their generous community donors. 

If you cannot find a nurse near you ...

The McGrath Foundation offer a McGrath Breast Care Nurse Telephone Support Line on 1800 183 338

They are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and they can help you to find a nurse and provide support.

Questions to ask 

  • Your hospital ID number

  • When is your first appointment

  • What is the next step now 

  • As soon as your appointment is booked  ... ask for the contact of your Breast Nurse

What other referrals are needed? 

  • Scans & follow up ultra sounds

  • Anything that can be done before your appointment with the Surgeon or Registrar

About your appointment 

Your Doctor will give you information on your treatment plan.

This could include surgery, oncology chemo and or radiation.

  • Take someone with you to all appointments 
  • Ask as many questions as you can think of 
  • keep a notebook by your bed 

Many hospitals such as Sunshine Coast Hospital  offer allied services for additional support such as:

  • Nutritionists

  • Pysychologists

  • Lymphedema Therapists

  • Breast Nurses

Re-booking appointments 

You will need your Hospital ID number

You need to re-confirm all appointments

To avoid any possible cancellation - ask reception to confirm all of your appointments.  

During  your treatment there is so much to remember you can feel overwhelmed ...
Take notes and ask questions again and again 

If at any time you are not happy with your treatment ... 

speak to your GP and speak to your Breast Nurse. 

This is your right and remember this is your journey - be strong and speak up!