what we do

Share our just diagnosed step by step knowledge to help you find what you need right now.

help is here 

where to go

what to say

what to do

professional services

Share our network of professionals who understand and listen . 


Connect you with meet ups and cancer support groups for information and friendship 


what we do 

share our knowledge for your options

  • where to go to find your treatment options

  • what choices do you have 

  • how to make your first appointment 

  • what preparation is required for your first appointment

  • what are your payment options 

  • what about your family 


How can you ever manage all of this when you feel so overwhelmed? 

share our network of support 

  • what is available for you and your family

  • who to contact for cancer support 

  • how to access noosa cancer support


this is Just Diagnosed and you have found us:


  • at just diagnosed we extend a hand to help

  • we listen 

  • we understand 

  • we have been there 

  • this is step by step breast cancer support


For more help ... contact us 

who we are 

We are a not for profit organisation founded by Sue Whittaker, a breast cancer survivor with a passion to help others navigate their personal journey through diagnosis, support and treatment options. 

By sharing her story and creating this community of support Sue hopes that you will find encouragement and inspiration in connecting with us.


Sue's story here. 


Sue is supported by a team of volunteers who are cancer survivors or have close connections with ..... 

We would love to increase our team of volunteers and if you have time and skills to share contact us for more on how to become a volunteer with Just Diagnosed - you will be very welcome.